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You can use these Quick LInks to find an ice rink in any state.
Weather you are looking to play hockey, figure skate, learn to skate, or just watch a game or show, this site will help you find an ice skating rink rink in your area. Most ice skating rinks hold public sessions where anyone can skate. Rinks also offer figure skating freestyle sessions which are for more advances figure skaters. Most rinks also offer in house hockey leagues and instruction. Check with your local skating rink to find out what learn to skate programs they offer.
Where can you go Skating? Where can you play hockey? You need to find an ice skating rink if you want to figure skate or play hockey. Searching for an ice renl is easy at Just enter you area code, zip code, or state and you will get a list of ice rinks. If you want to learn how to figure skate, check out will give you a map of ice skating rinks in your area, The map of ice skating rinks include markers that you can click on to get directions to the ice rink. Getting directions to the ice rink is so easy even my granmother can do it. So if you are looking for an ice rink to play hockey or to learn how to figure skate you have come to the right place. If you want to learn figure skating skills like figure skating spins check out
Many people have asked how we do it. How do you create that map with markers for ice rinks. It is easy if you use google maps API. It is the greatest way to show a map of ice rinks. An ice hockey rink is an ice skating rink. You can play hockey at any ice skating rink. Most hockey rinks offer figure skating as well.
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Once you find a rink you may want to find other attrractions near by. Check out where finding events or attractions is easy.
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Also check out our page of Figure Skating Events

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